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We know that for some, attending a support group may be a bit overwhelming in early stages of loss or that you could use additional support outside of a group. We are here for you!

What We Offer

Peer to Peer Support

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   In addition to leading support groups, the Hope After Loss facilitators are available for individual support on an as needed basis. All facilitators are bereaved parents themselves and have been trained to support other grieving parents. 

   Although this service is not clinical, the peer support program has been widely utilized by many grieving parents who seek guidance following the loss of their baby. Participants who have taken part of this individual support have reflected that it was helpful to speak to another bereaved parent who has lived their experience and can provide guidance, comfort, and connection.

   Once connected with a facilitator, you will be able to talk to them directly via phone or email at a time that works best for your schedule.

Sign Up for Individual Support

   To receive Individual Support through our peer to peer program, you will need to share some details of your loss in order to pair you with a facilitator that is the best match for your experience. 

   Please note, that although many find comfort in talking with our facilitators individually, this support is not therapeutic or clinical in nature. Individual Support is intended to be used on an as needed basis and is not a recurring call.

   To sign up for Individual Support, please contact our Program Manager, Alicia using the button below:

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